Slaying The Monster In The Classroom: Cameras in classrooms? YES. PLEASE.

autism sparkles-21This is something I need to write.  I don’t want to write it.  In fact, I don’t even want to know it.  It’s one of those hard to write kind of things because no one wants to believe it goes on and I hate to be the one to tell you but, truth be told, this is the kind of thing all parents NEED to know…especially parents of special needs kiddos who are speech impaired.  This one is going to hurt your heart a bit but keep reading anyway.  I will be bold enough to tell you it is as hard to write as it is to read.  It’s the very rawest truth.  It is the truth we don’t want to hear.  It is the truth none of us want to believe and yet, as black and bruising as it is to our hearts, it is still very much the truth.

Lately the argument has been whether or not to put cameras in special needs classrooms.  I am not sure why there is a debate.  There shouldn’t be a debate.  There is only one right answer and that is a resounding YES.  PUT CAMERAS IN special needs CLASSROOMS. YES, please, for the sake of good teachers and vulnerable kiddos everywhere.  Cameras…YES.

I am not here to condemn good teachers.  I believe my boy’s first teacher, I’ll call her Queen, was a gift from God.  A good queen.  A great queen.  The kind of queen every parent wishes for their child.  She is the reason my boy is where he is today.  SHE gave him a chance when no one else would.  She fought for him, she stood beside him and stood strong through his melt down moments and she stood with me when we both had to fight and love him in equal strengths.  Queen teachers who love and commit and devote themselves to building up the strengths of quirky kids are not the kind of teacher I am talking about today.  The Queen is only worthy of my deepest praise as are all queens like her.  They are sacred ground in my book.  They are what all teachers should aspire to.

Unfortunately not all teachers do.

The other teachers, the kind I am going to tell you about, are named Monster in my book.  I make no apologies.  Monsters earn their stripes and their names and what they do to children with special needs in the privacy of their classroom is despicable, cowardly and not worthy of the title of teacher. In my book they are nothing more than monsters who are protected by administrations and unions.  They count on their tenure to protect their abusive actions and they count on the families of the kids they abuse to fund their retirements.

Monsters NEED cameras.

Once upon a time, I was a student teacher.  I already had my multi-subject credential as well as eight years in the autism trenches with my spectrum kiddo and I wanted my special ed credential.  So, I did what I needed to do.  I went back to the same university where I earned my multiple subject credential and I went back to school.  When it came time for my student teaching, I was elated to discover that one of my university professors, who was also a current special ed teacher, would be my so called, master teacher.  I use the term loosely.  I will not even capitalize it because monsters don’t deserve capitalization.

I will not give her name because this is not about revenge or vendettas.  Writing this is about telling the truth and spreading the word that cameras ARE necessary.  Kiddos deserve the protection every day.  Although the university appalls me now, I will not identify them as well.  What I will give you is the detailed notes of the incidences I was witness to so that you will understand why I say fight for your kiddos, advocate for your kiddos, do not give blind trust to someone with a fancy piece of paper from a school.  Paper is cheap, actions are immense.  I will also tell you it has been a long time since I have looked at the detailed notes I took during my student teaching days.  They are as hard to read now as they were to write back then.

Before you scream foul, I will tell you that I notified my university supervisor, I notified the university department head.  I was told by the university that I should be more flexible and not make waves.  I then notified CPS and filed a report because as a credentialed teacher, I am also a mandated reporter.  The sad part is that because of tenure and unions, I believe she is not only still teaching but she is still a “professor” at the same university.  When I personally asked the monster why the district did not put cameras in the classrooms, she rallied around the question and told me that she’s been a teacher for 25 years, only had a few years until she retired and has been trained in pressure points.

The students in the class I student taught in were 2nd and 3rd graders who were all speech impaired.  The monster teacher was morbidly obese, had restricted mobility and the simple act of standing often made her have to stop and catch her breath.  I have also changed the names of the students involved to protect their identity.  Because I felt helpless, I felt like all avenues of help for these kids were being closed on me, I was advised to document the incidences in as much detail as I could.  These are my actual notes…the way I wrote it in that moment.  I am not writing this from memory.  The boy I call “C” actually has a behavior plan in place but the monster teacher refused to comply with it because it took too long.

September 1 @ 9:18 a.m.:

C (the student) would not comply, would not go to his group.  He was yelling loudly and refusing to comply with directions. The teacher bellowed LOUDLY, caught him by the NECK and seemed to apply pressure to the back of his neck.  He screamed.  Using her hand gripped on his neck, she steered him back to his seat and into a sitting position and then directed him to listen to the teacher’s aide running his small group.  He sat for a few minutes.

(When I asked her about her methods, since I was new to her classroom, she explained to me that if you do put your hands on a child, you should request an IEP meeting that same afternoon but in her class she has special training in pressure points so she does not call. I could not find this caveat in ANY standards book the State of California holds.)

C got back up and left his seat again and she again grabbed him by his neck and sat him back down.  C was then very compliant.

September 1@ 11:28

The teacher went to a grade level meeting and when she returned C was laying on the floor in the back of the classroom.  His socks and shoes were off.  The teacher asked him to get up and he refused and she bellowed (I consider bellow well beyond yelling) at him.  While he was still lying on the floor, she reached down to where he was on the floor, put her hand into his hair and appeared to pull his head up by his hair to get him upright.  When he was up, she grabbed his neck and forced him with her hands squeezing the back of his neck to sit down in his seat.  The other aide passed out math fast facts.  C refused again.  The teacher then stood behind him, leaned in and over him until her weight was fully squeezing him between her body and the edge of his desk. C began to scream and she took her hand and COVERED his full mouth so he couldn’t yell…all the while still pushing the full weight of her morbidly obese body against him and the hard edge of his desk.  While still covering his mouth with one hand, she then grabbed his hand with her other hand and placed a pencil in it. She squeezed his hand and forcibly began to write the answers on his page.  He then began to comply and she released her grip.  He then continued to cry that he didn’t want to come to school.

September 1 @11:55 a.m.:

The teacher was trying to get B’s attention but he was not paying attention.  She used her thumb and forefinger to thump him hard two times on the back of the head.

September 1 @12:05:

C was not complying.  She went over to him, grabbed him by the back of the shirt so that the front of his shirt is cutting into his neck and she then used the shirt in that constricting position to steer him to his seat.  When he started to utter silly words, she grabbed his mouth, squeezed hard and told him, “I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

This was just ONE DAY.  The aides who work in her class have been with her for many years and they do nothing.  They are as scared and paralyzed as the students.  Fearing for their jobs and pensions more than they were worried about the students.  It is also noted that the monster is so savvy about her abusive tactics that she only grabs children in non bruising areas.

September 7 @ 10:10

The students were in small groups.  C didn’t want to read the page we were on.  He then screamed and howled and left the table.  When he returned, he began to scream and shriek and howl again.  The teacher came over and sat/stood beside him and wrapped her arm around his head until her hand landed on his mouth and was fully covering his whole mouth.  She held it there while he screamed until he stopped.  She then informed me that this kind of restraint was not appropriate if I was being evaluated or if someone else was in the classroom.  She said she needs to call his parents and inform them of what strategies are being utilized.

No calls to my knowledge were made.

September 8 @8:31

C is reading a book at the book shelf by the cubbies.  The book was open, C’s hand was sitting on one page.  The teacher asked him to put the book away.  C ignored the directive.  The teacher came back to the book shelf, shouted, “NO! It is not time for books.”  She then SLAMMED the book closed with his hand still inside and then put her hand and her morbidly obese weight down on top of the book with his hand still inside….She did this until he screamed and then she reprimanded him AGAIN.

September 30 @ 1:30pm:

While directly calling a student by name, the teacher yells across the classroom, while the students are all sitting right there and I am in the back of the classroom, “B is dumb as a door knob.”

October 12 @ recess

Teacher to student:  “You need to be a good kid!”

Student to teacher:  “I am a good kid.”

Teacher to student: “No, you’re NOT!

Speaking/shouting to the same child on October 13:

Teacher to student: “You don’t get to make your own choices!  I’m the teacher!”

Speaking to the same child on October 28:

“I am going to send you to the dean and your grandma can buy you time in Juvenile Hall.”

October 17 @ 9:20 a.m.:

Student A is sitting in small groups.  He was not working.  He was complaining and finally fell off his chair and on to the floor.  The teacher asked him to get up.  He did not respond.  The teacher went over to him put a hand on each ear and then grabbed each ear hard and pulled until he screamed out in pain. She then pulled each ear in unison in an upward fashion until he screamed out in pain more and stood up and complied.  He then sat in his seat.

I know, take a deep breath. It’s hard stuff to read about.  It was hard to be there and then to feel helpless because no one would do anything.  Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” and that hit home hard for me.  So many staff and admin who are paid substantial salaries and retirements do NOTHING to protect these children…but CAMERAS WILL.

Let me say, this unfortunately goes on and on.  And, sadly, this teacher is not the only one, she is simply the first time I realized how truly vulnerable our kiddos are and how there are teachers who use their positions of power for abuse.  It was the first time I realized that there are teachers who use their tenure and reputation to take the easy road because they are tired and lazy and don’t really enjoy teaching but really want the paycheck and retirement.  It was the first time I realized that teacher’s and admins have their own so called blue wall and they will close ranks to protect the monsters in order to preserve reputations and retirement at the expense of children.

Cameras in special needs classrooms are necessary.

Cameras WILL prevent teachers from becoming Ogars and Monsters and beasts because they have proven that they will behave ONLY when the paycheck signers are watching them.  And, truly, it’s not always that your child is going to be beaten or raped, sometimes it’s that they are going to be humiliated day in and day out, mildly abused, verbally and physically, day in and day out and they can fall victim to an abuser who defeats their want to learn and destroys their sense of well being and the very self esteem you have worked so hard to build.  Children who are already communication impaired are easy targets.  They cannot defend themselves nor can they explain to you what went on.  They simply withdraw and act out even more and the teacher makes them the scapegoat for the teacher’s own evil.  When teachers turn to Monsters because no one is looking, children are in jeopardy of being bruised both skin deep and soul deep.  All children deserve a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn and kids with special needs NEED this in order to reach out and try to connect.  Cameras WILL ensure this happens and will weed out the teachers who are unwilling to commit to this and who perhaps got into teaching for the WRONG reasons.

CAMERAS…YES!!!…It’s a no brainer, my friends.  Be a super hero every single day by standing up for children!  Cameras protect our most vulnerable members of society from our most depraved and evil monsters.  Cameras should be MANDATORY in ALL special needs classrooms.

9 thoughts on “Slaying The Monster In The Classroom: Cameras in classrooms? YES. PLEASE.

  1. Hi My name is Tara Heidinger and I am the owner of a facebook awareness page called Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms. I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!!! I shared with the fans/supporter on my awareness page. Thank you for this article.

  2. I had to take a break from reading your old notes to be sick. My son’s name starts with a C and all I could see was him, helpless and at some Monsters mercy. It hurts because it happened (not to that extent with my son) but to those children you spoke of and so many more. I actually started to homeschool becuase of how he was treated in preschool. I didn’t want to fear what permenent emotional damage would be wrought when I wasn’t there. I agree that some teachers are like the Queen you speak of, and are amazing and should be praised for all of their dedication and commitment to our children. BUT cameras would ensure that only Queens/Kings taught out children, and so I am in full agreement about cameras being installed in every single special needs classroom out there!!!

  3. Thank you for writing this. I cannot imagine how hard it was for you to write. I have shared it on my wall, and in my Autism Parents group, as well as on my page Till All the Pieces Are In Place- Unique Autism Awareness Accessories. We need to stop this. It’s not right. The most vulnerable and innocent should not be treated this way. They need our protection, and I agree that cameras (that the teachers do not know of or cannot change the position of, or access in any way) are necessary. Like, NOW.

  4. My heart is absolutely racing after reading this. What you documented is true. It’s happening everywhere. I’ve had issues with some of my daughter’s teachers over the years, and as a substitute teacher I’ve seen some things that sicken me. My child has speech and language impairments that, when she is upset, make it hard for her to communicate. I’ve been wanting to compose a blog post about this for awhile, especially after several incidents this year, but just feel so overwhelmed thinking about it all. Thank you for saying all you did! And…YES to cameras for me too!!

    • It’s hard to talk about especially when district protect the monsters and isolate and black ball anyone who comes forward. I watched the two aides in the classroom do NOTHING even though they’d watched her abuse kids for years. I am not sure how they live with themselves. I could not be silent. Knowing my kiddo who was speech impaired could have easily been a victim, I had to say something…even tho they did end up black balling me! Better to stand up and have a clear conscience is what I came up with.

  5. BRAVO!!!!! Indeed, this is tough-stuff. Very difficult to read and perhaps moreso to write. Your anecdotal journalism is a scathing indictment against the educational systems which claim to protect the very special needs children they are actually harming. A full year ago this month, my wife and I were concerned that our six year old daughter (with Autism) was suffering similar abuses at the hands of her teacher and teacher’s aid. We’d heard about the highly publicized case in New Jersey, just a week before, involving a father and his special needs boy wherein the father outfitted his son with a “wire”. We chose to do the same. We secreted a voice recorder in the seam of our daughter’s backpack and recorded two full days of abuses towards her in the classroom. The case is now in the hands of a small team of our lawyers who are fighting Richland County School District One in Columbia, South Carolina for neglecting to provide even the minimum of emotional and physical protection for our daughter. My book on the entire story is being self-published and will be released as soon as the case is either decided in court or a settlement is reached. Cameras in Special Needs Classrooms is a Must!!!!!!! Thank you for your essay! Sincerely, Chris Cook, Columbia, South Carolina.

  6. Thank you so much for such a great blog! I felt so sick when I read this. My autistic son (7 years old, high functioning) came home 2 weeks ago with carpet burns down his side. When we asked him what had happened he told us he was crawling away from the principal as fast as he could and was grabbed by his foot and drug across the floor. According to my son he screamed and told him he was hurting him and the principal replied “I don’t care”. We notified the sheriff, we are still waiting to see if the prosecutor will press charges, but everyone we’ve talked to, said not to count on anything being done. The school of course, is denying everything and said my son caused the carpet burns himself. To say that we are livid over the issue is an understatement. I just don’t understand why no one sees anything wrong with how special needs children are treated in schools. It just absolutely makes me sick.

    • It is wrong on SO many level and it makes my head spin when I realize the school administrations are NOT up in arms and, in some instances, their lack of action actually supports the abusers. The system has to change to protect the kiddos who deserve safety first, above all else. I am so sorry for your experience and for your child. I sure hope everyone involved grows a conscience and finds outrage deep enough to shine a bright light on what is happening to our children!!

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