Autism: The Hard, Cold, Wiggly Facts.

autism sparkles-9

The most truth I can share with you on this autism journey is that honestly, ten years ago, I wish I’d known THIS. I wish I’d pasted it on my mirror so I could remind myself every day that autism grows and skills change and that my son would go on to amaze me with his sparkle and his brilliance…despite how dark those early days might have been.  In those early years, there was SO much I didn’t understand about autism.

So, Wonder Souls….take a deep breath and if you remember nothing else that I share with you about autism, remember THIS…

At 2 my boy’s receptive and expressive skills were non existent, reports and evals were abysmal.
At 3 my boy did not speak.
At 5 he could say some words…but not TO me. No and yes were interchangeable.
At 6 he could answer yes or no but there was very little back and forth.

BUT…and pay close attention to this part (this is the really cool part of autism)..

At 13…..he says whatever he wants, shares original thoughts independently, AND we can have insightful conversations!
At almost 14, he even put the bully in a headlock .

Because, the truth is, autism grows…it is not in stone but, rather, it’s a lot more like jello.  It’s jiggly, it moves and, sometimes, it’s hard to nail down.  We are not perfect, we struggle socially, but we are moving forward every day.

Who they are at 3 is NOT who they will be at 13.
Just stay in the game, don’t give up and look at the big picture because autism was never meant to be analyzed under the microscope.
And…..take a deep breath while you sparkle on, my friend.

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