Reasons To Love Autism

There are moments, magical ones, when he knocks my socks off and leaves me speechless with his observations of life.  These are the moments that get me through the dark days.  The moments when he helps me see the world through his eyes and see that there is beauty within the autism.

You will find one of my “categories” is called “Reasons To Love Autism” and it is within this category that I will write about some of these moments.  Some are profound, some are humorous and some are downright gross but each of them is a window into how he sees the world.

You should know I don’t believe in curing autism.  I like him just the way he is and I appreciate that different is not less.  I appreciate who he is and I am quick to understand that he has made me a better person and I would change nothing.  I believe he has been a blessing and I am blessed to have him in my life.

3 thoughts on “Reasons To Love Autism

  1. My heart is hugging you right now!

    Thanks to my job, I met a little girl who is one of my best friends. She can laugh hysterically at the same 30-second video clip over and over and over. Her joy comes out in her arms and legs, movement my anxious brain labels “stereotypy” and “stimming” until my heart reminds me to chill out. She thinks it’s hilarious to do the opposite of what she is told and she wants me to laugh with her. She’s a ray of sunshine and perfect exactly the way she is. She is one of the most unique creatures on the planet and my world is better for her being in it. There’s nothing in her that needs to be cured; she makes ME better!

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