Reasons To Love Autism: Moment # 56

autism sparkles-128

My boy always surprises me.  Just when I think I have autism cornered, that I know it inside and out, he throws me a curve ball.  That is just one of the many things I have come to love about autism, this spectrum and my boy.

Tonight, autism and my boy’s ability to leave me gobsmacked sounded like this.  Simple and yet profound.

My boy: What are we having for dinner?
Mom: Chicken and dumplings.
My boy: Oh boy, that’s my favorite!
Mom: But you never liked it, Buddy.  For the last ten years you’ve said no.
My boy: Really?  I think I like it a lot  now.
Mom: What changed?
My boy: I think my taste buds are starting to have a taste for it!

Never give up on autism, never assume or paint it into a corner and never give up on your child’s potential to knock your socks off with their brilliance…autism changes, it moves, it grows, it turns on a dime….just sit back, be patient and let it do its thing ❤
Sparkle On, my friends ❤