Autism: The Cold, Hard, Wiggly Facts

autism sparkles-9

The most truth I can share with you on this autism journey is that honestly, ten years ago, I wish I’d known THIS. I wish someone had shared this with me.  I wish I could have pasted this to my mirror so I could remind myself every day that autism grows and skills change and that my son would go on to amaze me with his sparkle and his brilliance…NO MATTER how dark and uncertain our early spectrum days might have been.  In those early years, there was SO much I didn’t understand about autism.

So, Wonder Souls….take a really deep breath and if you remember nothing else that I share with you about autism, remember THIS…

At 2 my boy’s receptive and expressive skills were non existent, reports and evals were abysmal.
At 3 my boy did not speak.
At 5 he could say some words…but not TO me. No and yes were interchangeable.
At 6 he could answer yes or no but there was very little back and forth.

BUT…and pay close attention to this part (this is the really cool part of autism)….

At 13…..he says whatever he wants, shares original thoughts independently, AND we can have insightful conversations!
And, surprisingly, at almost 14,my passive boy even put the bully who was harassing him… into a headlock .

Because, the truth is, autism grows…it is NOT in stone.  Wonder Souls, autism isn’t like stone at all……it’s a lot more like jello.  It’s jiggly, it moves and, sometimes, it’s hard to nail down.  And, these days, the truth is that we are not perfect, we struggle socially, but we are STILL growing and moving forward every day.

Just remember……Who they are at 3 is NOT who they will be at 13.
So stay in the game, don’t give up and make sure you take that step back and look at the big picture because, I promise you, autism was never meant to be analyzed under the microscope.
Oh…and don’t forget to take a deep breath too while you sparkle on, my friends!

6 thoughts on “Autism: The Cold, Hard, Wiggly Facts

  1. Thank you for your awesome post! As the mother of a 12 year old with autism I could relate to everything you wrote! The once extremely difficult baby and toddler is now a funny, fun, insightful guy who keeps me laughing and stuns me with his intelligence! How I’d wish I’d known this when he was 2! Thanks for letting other parents know what I wish I’d known then! 🙂

    • Oh Cynthia, that is the only reason I write and share. I SO wish I knew all of this back then so I could have fretted less and spend more time just taking it all in…instead of worrying about all the “what might happen down the road”. so happy you get it too ❤

  2. I agree with the other mamas. Thank you. My son is three and sometimes the worry is almost too much. I won’t always be here to help him and protect him. Thank you for this. Why didn’t or couldn’t I think this way before? I’m not giving my angel enough credit

    • Oh, sweet girl, don’t be so hard on yourself. We think the other way because we love our kiddos so desperately. It took me many years past his third birthday to take that step back and see the wonder I was missing <3.

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