The Importance of Being Scarlet

autism sparkles-104So….a funny thing happened on the way to my blog yesterday and I was reminded how very fortunate I am to have experienced this journey with my boy.  My boy is brilliant. He is amazing.  He not only surprises me, he also teaches me every. single. day and I am a better human being because of him.  Every day, I marvel at the gift he is in my life and I have never understood what good comes from limiting him by labeling him with a giant red “autism” billboard across his chest because I want the world to see more than just that.  Folks, the truth of the matter is: Autism is not all of him because he is so much bigger than that.

Autism is simply one piece of my boy ❤

If you disagree and need to call me names, I’m good with that.  Sticks and stones, you know?  To me personally it seems unnecessary and divisive to the community at large but if it makes you feel better, I’m a big girl.  I am sugary and sparkly and all so, honestly, I own that.  If you see what I write as the “new scarlet letter”, it’s a funny good giggle to me but, okay.  I’ve never thought of myself as “edgy” but if you do, I understand.  To each his own.  To me, all I really see is that any kind of one-talent spotlight severely limits the world from seeing all of my son.  A one talent spotlight, in fact, concentrates the focus on just that one aspect of him.  To me, that is such a loss because he is such a diverse, complicated and complex young man and I will not define him by just one piece nor will I let anyone else do so.  I want to develop ALL of his gifts, all of his complexities, all of his pieces because I do not value one piece over the other.

I choose ALL of him <3.

The really great thing about my boy and our journey is that my boy is thriving.   He is excelling.  He is surpassing the expectations and low-bar reports written about him.  He is flying high in regular ed despite those early and dire predictions of nothingness and he is on the honor roll too….without assistance.  He is the little train that could and he is growing up as this sparkly inspiration that I marvel at every day.  On the other hand, if  you  happen to be able to shine your spotlight on just one aspect, if you can put the emblazoned six letter label across your child’s chest and get the same results for your kiddo, all the more power to you. I don’t judge because, the way I see it, we all choose different paths.

Like I have said before, I am not a follower and sometimes I meander right up and into the grain.  I am one devoted grizzly momma for my boy not so I can keep him dependent on me but rather I do everything I do so that one day, he can live his own life.  One day, when he is older, if HE chooses to be known as only autistic, if he chooses to concentrate on just that one gift, that will be HIS choice.  It’s not my choice to make.  I am here to develop ALL of his gifts.  He can choose to put a spotlight on the “few” if HE chooses but I will not make those choices for him <3.  You call me “sugary”, you can call my writing the new “scarlet letter”, I’m okay with that but I will not limit my kiddo for anyone <3.  His future is too important to me to do that but that is just how the sparkle in me rolls ❤

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Scarlet

  1. Thanks girlie <3. Means a lot. I never intend to become controversial in the way I raise my son. I am not sure why the autism community can not share divergent ideas and philosophies without resorting to name calling. It's sad 😦

  2. I wish I could like this more than once. You truly shine and trust me, the way things are going in this world lately, and even in the Autism community it seems, going against the flow is the brightest, most sparkly, and in my opinion, most honorable thing that one can do. Follow your heart! And know you are not alone. I am right there with you on this one ❤ ((hugs))

  3. I find it interesting that anyone advocating for “tolerance” of a word like autistic would turn around and be completely intolerant of anyone who disagrees with her. You’re doing fine and need to know that more people than you can imagine are behind you and agree with you! ❤ I like sparkles and I like cupcakes and that doesn't make me any less serious an advocate for my own child. Stay sweet!

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