The Different Faces of Autism

autisms sparkles-170

One day I think the “experts” are going to decide that the spectrum, being as broad as it is, may have been a little too vague. I think one day, years and maybe decades from now, they will better understand the complexity of autism and perhaps even the causes. I think there are probably various causes because autism carries within it SUCH variety.
I hope they redefine the spectrum as they discover that all of these different forms and faces of “autism”, Asperger’s all the way to severe autism, were actually from different root sources. My son is high functioning now (we have been PDD-NOS, then straight autistic, then Asperger’s) but I have good friends whose children are considered severely autistic and their experience has been so entirely different.
Were the delays and their differing severity from different causes? I know parents who swear they watched “the light go out” after the vaccinations and others who never saw that. I think both parents are right.
Just a thought.

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