Reasons To Love Autism: Moment # 56

autism sparkles-128

My boy always surprises me.  Just when I think I have autism cornered, that I know it inside and out, he throws me a curve ball.  That is just one of the many things I have come to love about autism, this spectrum and my boy.

Tonight, autism and my boy’s ability to leave me gobsmacked sounded like this.  Simple and yet profound.

My boy: What are we having for dinner?
Mom: Chicken and dumplings.
My boy: Oh boy, that’s my favorite!
Mom: But you never liked it, Buddy.  For the last ten years you’ve said no.
My boy: Really?  I think I like it a lot  now.
Mom: What changed?
My boy: I think my taste buds are starting to have a taste for it!

Never give up on autism, never assume or paint it into a corner and never give up on your child’s potential to knock your socks off with their brilliance…autism changes, it moves, it grows, it turns on a dime….just sit back, be patient and let it do its thing ❤
Sparkle On, my friends ❤

2 thoughts on “Reasons To Love Autism: Moment # 56

  1. That is so strange…I have an (almost 10) year old PDD-nos daughter and just recently after being the pickiest eater on the planet she has decided to try and LIKE new foods too… Maybe there is something about the age of 10 that their taste buds begin to start crave things.

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