Reasons To Love Autism: Moment #26

My daughter, at fifteen, is quite the cook.  Immensely more than I was at her age.  Tonight she made spaghetti squash for the first time and though my spectrum guy is not one for veggies or new things, he actually tried it.

Mom: Do you like it? It tastes like spaghetti with butter on it.
My boy: Well, that’s not entirely true, Mom.
My girl: Are you seeing a pattern developing here?
My boy looks puzzled by her words.  He then looks all around the room.  I realize he doesn’t understand the way she has phrased her question as autism’s social graces often do not catch these subtleties in speech so I step in to explain in simpler language.
Mom: Not that kind of pattern.  Not the kind of pattern on a wall.  A pattern of behavior, a pattern of you trying new things and liking them.  It’s like forming a new habit of trying things and liking things.  It’s a pattern because you have done it several times this last month.
My boy: Well, I might not try anything else new for a while.
Mom: Why?
My boy: Because I tried it and now I’m done with new stuff and, Mom, that didn’t really taste like spaghetti at all did it?
Mom: Not really, buddy.

He is nothing if not literal and boldly honest :).

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