Reasons To Love Autism: Reason #21

autism sparkles-93

It is our first day back to school after Christmas break and though our drive is only a mile or two long, I try to prime the boy for his classes by engaging him in two way conversation.  Some days are tough…

Mom:  So, who are you most excited to see today?

My boy:  I don’t know.

Mom:  Which teacher is your favorite?

My boy:  I don’t know.

Mom: Which teacher is most fun?

My boy: I don’t know.  What do you mean?

Mom:  I mean, which teacher tells the funny stories or jokes?

My boy:  Maybe Mr. S but I don’t know.

And then it hits me.  My sweet child, the most honest child I have raised, has turned into a teenager as of November and I believe, just like any normal child,  he has developed the momma blow off skills!  For a second I am stunned, a little hurt emotionally but then it hits me how cool this is.  And “they” said he would struggle to develop like typical kiddos.  Having a hunch I continued.

Mom: Buddy, are you blowing me off?

My boy: What’s that?

Mom: The part where mom asks you questions but you don’t feel like being bothered so you pretend to not know the answers.

His response is immediate.  He shoots a glance at me and lets a grin slip as he tells me matter-of-factly, “Hmm, that might be true, Mom.”

We both laugh a bit but we don’t share out separate reasons.  He is probably just thrilled mom is laughing.  In his black and white, logical based thinking, he probably thinks this is trouble worthy and he might have been expecting to be reprimanded for not being honest.  In my world, I see a kiddo defying the prognosis, dealing with his challenges and rolling along just like other kiddos his age.  And, it occurs to me that even though autism is an intricate puzzle, if we let ourselves hope and believe and expect more…autism is just as beautiful as we let it be.

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