A Note To The Wonder Souls

autism sparkles-2

This little picture encapsulates everything I couldn’t see in the beginning of our autism journey.  These few words breathe with all the lessons I have learned and the myriad of wonders I have come to believe parents of the younger kiddos on the spectrum need to know as they begin to nurture their kiddo on this journey where childhood will present itself at a different pace and in different form.

For the parents of spectrum kiddos who are younger (my son is 13 now), it is so crazy important to realize that a childhood laced with autism still changes, moves, and grows..it just moves at its OWN PACE.  Your child CAN STILL hit the mile stones and benchmarks…but they will do it at their OWN QUIRKY PACE.  I kid you not.  I know it’s hard to see from where you are sitting (because I have sat once before in that dark place)…but don’t give up or lose heart….just be patient, work hard and love them where they are at.

My son is now in REGULAR ED…but that is NOT where we started nor where I was recommended we would go.  I will tell you honestly that I couldn’t even see that possibility at the time but we set our goals high and worked hard.  It may not happen for every child but it happens…it can happen so DON’T lose heart all of you very sweet wonder-soul parents!   Set your goals high, love them deeply, support them with every fiber of emotion you carry and work hard…and then sit back and watch them blossom as they were meant to be because autism is a wonderland full of more magic than I every knew existed.  Call me crazy but autism wows me…with every single sparkle I am privileged to be part of I realize there is magic in that there spectrum…if you let yourself see it.  Because the very worst thing you can do on this spectrum, the only real wrong thing, is to not believe your child CAN.  Never ever let yourself give in to “can’t” because if you believe you can’t…you’re right and that is a much larger failure than anything autism can ever throw your way.

So, believe in your child and have faith in yourself and in those moments of doubt….simply sparkle on, my friends.

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