Reasons To Love Autism: Moment # 17

(I didn’t have a lemonade pic so I am borrowing this gorgeous pic from the “taste and tell blog”.  If there are any objections I will happily remove it :).  Go to for more sweet pics.

We were sitting in a restaurant.  Nothing spectacular, nothing special.  Just the local favorite place.  A table full of family with Nonny and Poppy, me and the kids having a dinner out together.  Special for the sake of the three generations seated at one table but, other than that, it was truly just a generic night.  I mention this just to remind myself that spectacular moments sneak up when you least expect them.

We were just sitting, waiting for our waitress to take our order when she showed right up and began to pencil in our varied requests.  There was a time when I spoke for my oldest son since, with autism, his speech development was extremely delayed.  It was always easier, instead of playing interpreter, to just order for him.  Happily, as our speech has improved, he is able to speak for himself now and answer questions directly.  I believe in giving support when it’s needed but allowing for independence whenever it’s possible.  So when the waitress made her way to him, it went like this:

Waitress:  What would you like to drink?

My boy:    I’ll have a lemonade…with NO NUTS, please.
(Now, mind you and just for clarification’s sake, though this weekend is our nut harvest in the pistachio orchard, we do not serve our lemonade with pistachio nuts in the drink.  He was referring, of  course, to the lemon seeds.

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